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Mental, Emotional, Physical Wellbeing in the Classroom and Beyond

Building a Loving World

Loving Classroom delivers Positive Relationship Education (PRE) which identifies and boosts the innate goodness in all students, so that they interact with respect and kindness, and crave the wellbeing and fulfilment of all individuals and humanity.

Loving Classroom's USP (unique selling points) are that it is:





as well as proven/evidence-based.

The programme has been developed over many years by founders David and Naomi Geffen - initially by running workshops on conflict resolution, which led to the realisation that delivering Positive Relationship Education in schools serves as early intervention and prevention of conflict in all its aspects. Loving Classroom was thus born - a bespoke programme, offering the best possible guidance for school students by training their staff.

Our 2023/24 UK Programme

Loving Classroom is delighted to be delivering its curriculum in the following secondary schools:

City of London Freemen's School
Copthall School
Queen Elizabeth's Girls School
Royal School Wolverhampton
Townley Grammar School

Here, UK Director, Sir Anthony Seldon, gives his vision for Loving Classroom:

Image by Element5 Digital


A Loving World in which individuals and nations care for one another’s  mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, and thereby work together  to cultivate harmony, peace and fulfillment for humanity and our planet. 

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To train teachers globally to facilitate Positive Relationship Education  (PRE: the study and practice of respect, compassion, listening, kindness,  gratitude, love, friendship, care…) in their classroom -  building a loving world.


School Goal

Teachers and students cultivating loving classrooms:  excellent relationships in the classroom, that are a foundation for excellent relationships at home, the future workplace and between communities and nations. 

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