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“It was lovely to see students show appreciation and students know much more abut their teachers as human beings.”

Kathryn Ellis, Copthall School

“Loving classroom is truly admirable! It deserves to be effectively applied in all the classrooms of the world, especially in big cities and in depressed areas — in their, and in humanity’s, enlightened best interest.”
Dr. Ervin László, leading philosopher and two-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“Students are more accepting, calm, kind, honest, communal.”
Theresa Foster, Manchester Communication Academy, UK

"A loving classroom is the foundation for all education and Loving Classroom is building that foundation."

Dr. Leon Bernstein, Lead UK Ofsted School Inspector

"Using such a clear and exciting curriculum makes it easy for staff and students to engage throughout and we cannot wait to implement Loving Classroom into our form time routine"

Kathryn Ellis - Director of Learning for Year 8 and Lead Teacher of Loving Classroom, Copthall School
“We are encouraged to see such well thought out lessons that provide the opportunity for students to enhance their own wellbeing as well as those in the communities around them”

Alice Griffiths - Lead Teacher of Loving Classroom, responsible for Personal Development at Hitchin Boys' School

“The world is becoming even more complex for young people and it is refreshing to see a curriculum that gives them space to explore who they are, how they can interact in a kind and empathetic way and learn how to navigate relationships." 

Sophie Blair - Head of Upper School at City of London Freemen's

“The principles behind the Loving Classroom curriculum fit squarely within the ethos of our school and the values we seek to embed within our students through our curriculum and beyond the classroom."

Claire Leek, Head of PSHE and Lead Teacher of Loving Classroom at Henrietta Barnett School

Evidence from
Loving Classroom South Africa

From 83,000 students in Soweto, South Africa (2019 - 2022), the Independent Gauteng Department of Education

evaluated and reported the following:





Class Disruption




Substance Abuse


Pass Rate


Primary School (grades 4 - 6)

Secondary School (grades 8 - 10)





Class Disruption




Substance Abuse


Late coming


"The outcomes of The Loving Classroom Programme have shown the importance of creating a positive and caring mindset in our learners [...] It assists them with both the emotional and psychosocial issues affecting them on a daily basis and contributes towards the positive development of their characters. This evaluation has shown how the Loving Classroom programme brings about positive change for learners regarding the way they see themselves and those around them. This can clearly be seen in their respectfulness towards each other and their teachers, their positive communication skills and the way in which they have embraced the Loving Classroom into their own schools. With these lessons learnt they can go forth and spread this concept into a loving community and a loving world"
Jabu Sibeko - The South African Gauteng Department of Education

“Loving Classroom reduced truancy, bullying and increased student cohesion.” 
Mrs. Maseko, Mncube High School, Soweto, South Africa

“I was amazed! Mutual respect fixed the discipline problems in our class.”
Shulamit Devush, Shalon High School, Kiryat Gat, Israel

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